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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Yimi Hotel (stazione ferroviaria di Guangzhou) (Amemouillage Inn (Guangzhou Railway Station)), L'hotel è situato nel vivace distretto di Liuhua di Guangzhou City, adiacente al Teatro Friendship di Guangdong Art Center e China Export Commodities Fair nel sud, stazione ferroviaria di Guangzhou, telegrafo edificio e biglietteria civile di Guangzhou nel nord, Liuhua Park e Esercito General Hospital nell'ovest, ed è il centro di distribuzione di trasporti, turismo, intrattenimento e comunicazione.Nelle vicinanze si trovano Liuhua Guild Hall, Liuhua Park, Yuessiu Park, Lanpu, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Baima città di abbigliamento, Xindi città, stazione ferroviaria, stazioni di autobus provinciali e municipali, ecc.
L'hotel ha tutti i tipi di camere comode da scegliere. Allo stesso tempo, ha Conference Center, business center, ticket center, centro ricreativo, centro bellezza, ristorante hall bar, centro commerciale e altre strutture di supporto. Con l'hardware perfetto, fornisce sinceramente tutti i tipi di servizi di alta qualità.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • joyce
    And convenient transportation.
  • bonniesilver
    The room was so small, bed no outlet. bathroom shower is not good
  • neverneverland
    Next to the train station, more convenient and the price a little expensive.
  • abao209
    That's good!
  • jason619
    After moving I feel pretty good, not too bad, the price is more favorable, in short, worthy of selection
  • aussino
    Book Deluxe triple room, Hotel looks good, room prices affordable. the hotel just across from the train station, take the underground passage less than 10 minutes ' walk ... quiet, bed comfortable,
  • fandelun
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • attilainjune
    Environment, transport facilities, only a six-minute walk from the railway station distance
  • Outdoor
    Is next to the friendship theater, the show is easy
  • DAI2046
    Pretty good
  • leslielgt
    Lived here before, a good environment, traffic, shopping is very convenient!
  • BS, Lanzhou Radisson
    Hotel is very near from the railway station, clean, because it is in a yard, so it was very quiet. is the room surges, nothing else can.
  • cfiyu
    The external environment of the hotel is good, old rooms facilities, air-conditioner for a room, called to send a hairdryer is also bad, hotel with breakfast buffet, breakfast very average, overall, price not high!
  • jyjjoyance1977
    Generally, you can choose
  • gaogaofan000
    To shop even without a reservation is successful, almost not to live, slightly disappointed. activate-module is the most deceptive breakfast did not.
  • AdamMan
    Have always lived here, quiet and convenient. breakfast is very simple, filling, and hope that some people will not waste!
  • agirltc
    Older rooms, facilities within the old.
  • Andric.liu
    Not far from the railway station through an underground passage to the hotel, breakfast, porridge, steamed stuffed bun, cake, eggs ... front desk luggage storage, thank you
  • e00063736
    Stayed here several times, generally, high cost performance!
  • ariesliu
    Due to changes in itinerary, was expected to stay for two nights, now, for one night only, well, next time you have to stay.
  • alfred2006
    Not very well
  • cnsjtu
    Without errors
  • e01761109
    Environment, the following restaurant food quite good
    All apparel around, shopping is very convenient, but very few restaurants, no choice-wood awful
  • MuiMui
    Hotel is clean, service is good, later to go to Guangzhou or choose this.
  • gaosiwei666666
    Hotel very quiet front desk attitude is fine, but probably guest house accommodation is really not very good, great environment, good location near the train station very close to the subway station, but pedestrian overpass from the subway to the hotel will follow the underpass and then walk through the pedestrian. for transit
  • sda688
    Business travel, stay nice and hope to have the opportunity to stay there again.
  • d88422118
    Good location, just opposite the liuhua hotel, go out the baima clothing wholesale market, as long as a subway station to the train station underpass. but poor hotel facilities, room hit the lights, the TV, the light.
  • agill628
    Very bad, very bad, really bad!
  • loevil
    Which is very nice
  • luyangyour
    Overall is OK, but no disposable slippers in the room and WiFi sorry about the bath water is too hot and can't adjust the water temperature, near from the white horse market, also very convenient
  • cortina
    Do you take the money, the hotel won't let me live, unable to recognize your deductions and give me the money and compensate for my taxi, bad bad!
  • da nose
    Hotel is well located, convenient, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • e02159154
    Good. good location, opposite the train station, very quiet, quiet and would be hard to find for the first time. breakfast is too generic, would like to raise a point. feel-good.
  • crystalyyr
    It's OK
  • debonio
    General travel
  • running
    Room shabby, poor network signal could not function, signal a mess, and should be no more after this.
  • TU2011
    Poor attitude at the front desk, the insulting nature of language, room facilities cannot be processed in a timely manner, can be said to be non-treatment
  • Sunjulia
    NET is so bad
  • dy210
    That's okay
  • doyi_ng
    Very quiet, very close to the friendship theater, convenience! is the facilities were old.
  • e02706565
    It wasn't too bad
  • LawrenceLu
    Nice, service was good, very good
  • montela
    Have repeatedly, and to make Club Med during the price cheaper.
  • diowang
    Feel good, go out the market!
  • janeroyal
    Hair on the sheets, this is not very good, price, breakfast
  • leonlijun820531
    Good location, just opposite the liuhua hotel, go out the various wholesale markets, as long as a subway station to the train station underpass. old but may be an older hotel facilities, room hit the lights, the TV.
  • Mary King
    Not very satisfied with the service is a bit lacking all horrible room
  • ninna490
    Hotel is newly renovated, very close to the train, convenient,
  • dtgjy
    It wasn't too bad.